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Zebrafish has arrived !!!!



Zebrafish has arrived and is currently available at Borders (on-line and in store), Barnes and Noble (On-line and in-store coming), Target (on-line) and Wal-Mart (on-line). It’s a great read for the 9-12 age group and for a great cause (some of the book proceeds go to the Boston Children’s Hospital for leukemia research). The official book release date  was 5/4/10.

Photography by Ron Kurilla

Renee Kurilla illustration

keith zulawnik illustration

“Pool Girls” published by Simon and Schuster — covers illustrated by Renee Kurilla

‘iMat” character design and illustration by Renee Kurilla for Creative Baby, inc.

Water Wonders – Written by Peter & Paul Reynolds, Illustrated by Peter Reynolds and Renee Kurilla

Check out the link below to Renee Kurilla’s submission to the sketchbook project


Don’t Stop Believing !!!

“I See I Learn” by Stuart Murphy, illustrated by Renee Kurilla in bookstores

Written by Stuart Murphy

Zebrafish – Illustrated for Fablevision by renee kurilla

Candid Photos

¡Buena suerte! Dr Kris.