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walk in the park

Some candid photos taken while out walking with my wife, Terri. Love sunsets…

And we had a special guest – my sister Carole…


cape cod series – mayflower beach

Some photos of Mayflower Beach in Dennis during our recent trip to the Cape.

Beach photos below are at low tide. Otherwise most of this entire outer area would be under water. Although some clouds made an appearance, it was generally a beautiful day.


from the backyard

A few recent photos from our backyard. Enjoy…


cape cod series – provincetown

Once again our yearly trek to Cape Cod took us back to Provincetown. This time, however, we tried a couple of new things. This is what we came up with…

We took a guided trip out to the dunes near Race Point… A few of the sites below…

House or shacks, if you will, are strewn about in various locations. People do actually live in these “houses” looking for solice and inspiration away from the hustle of the city. My understanding is that a 25 year contract is taken out with the government to rent these houses. They have the heat and water, etc, but obviously nothing public. Certainly can’t beat the view.

A few photos of the dunes and some other structures near the beach…

Climbed to the top of Pilgrim Tower. Superb view… Enjoy…

A few photos from downtown and the harbor…


Niagara Falls – Part 2

As promised, some follow-on photos of our recent trip to Niagara Falls. I managed to dig up a few old Polaroid photos from Terri and my honeymoon 33 years ago and matched them with some recent photos to give you an idea of the major changes that took place over the years. Enjoy…

Below is a photo looking towards the Skylon Tower (right) and Minolta Tower (left) from nearby the Rainbow Bridge…


And Now…

Then…(Taken from across the street of the Skylon Tower)

And Now…

The structures in the foreground are part of a Galleria Shopping Center which sits across the street from the Skylon Tower.

A picture of the rear entrance to the Galleria Shopping Center…


A photo taken from the top of the Skylon tower towards the Minolta Tower (now the Tower Hotel)…

And now…

Photo taken from street view in the same general direction. We did not take the elevators to the top of the Skylon Tower this trip.

Click on this link for some additional photos of the surrounding area downtown…

Photography by Ron Kurilla

Renee Kurilla illustration

keith zulawnik illustration

“Pool Girls” published by Simon and Schuster — covers illustrated by Renee Kurilla

‘iMat” character design and illustration by Renee Kurilla for Creative Baby, inc.

Water Wonders – Written by Peter & Paul Reynolds, Illustrated by Peter Reynolds and Renee Kurilla

Check out the link below to Renee Kurilla’s submission to the sketchbook project



Don’t Stop Believing !!!

Don't Stop Believing !!!

“I See I Learn” by Stuart Murphy, illustrated by Renee Kurilla in bookstores

Written by Stuart Murphy

Zebrafish – Illustrated for Fablevision by renee kurilla

Candid Photos

¡Buena suerte! Dr Kris.