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master class, part 2

Now that the cookies are made, they get sorted and prepared for the best part – distribution and consumption.  Enjoy the photos…

Below are photos of a few of the varieties…

All Done…


master class, part 1

Jsut thought I would share some photos of my Mom baking her traditional Christmas cookies. This is only a snapshot of one of the hundreds of cookies in 3 dozen varieties she makes very year. Time to see where they come from. More photos to follow.

Photography by Ron Kurilla

Renee Kurilla illustration

keith zulawnik illustration

“Pool Girls” published by Simon and Schuster — covers illustrated by Renee Kurilla

‘iMat” character design and illustration by Renee Kurilla for Creative Baby, inc.

Water Wonders – Written by Peter & Paul Reynolds, Illustrated by Peter Reynolds and Renee Kurilla

Check out the link below to Renee Kurilla’s submission to the sketchbook project



Don’t Stop Believing !!!

Don't Stop Believing !!!

“I See I Learn” by Stuart Murphy, illustrated by Renee Kurilla in bookstores

Written by Stuart Murphy

Zebrafish – Illustrated for Fablevision by renee kurilla

Candid Photos

¡Buena suerte! Dr Kris.