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“the wedding” — the process

Some pre-wedding photos that never made my previous blogs or were hidden in cell phones or miscellaneous computer folders only hoping to be found some day. They don’t capture everything, but I’ll show whatever I was able to dig up. This post is long so enjoy the journey… 🙂

Although the process starts with the first date, I will only mention that this is where Renee and Keith’s first date took place – circa 2009.

I suppose the formal process starts with the groom-to-be getting up enough nerve to ask the official question and getting the formal answer. I would say the enthusiasm here, speaks for itself.

Iluustration by Renee Kurilla “goodbye my 20’s” (

And we continue from here…moving quickly…

Setting the wedding date worked out well and with a great venue at Willowdale Estate…

Planning – endless planning, making sure everything goes just right.

But we need to get the announcement to the world. Can’t just rely on Facebook…

The original uncropped photo used for the newspaper announcement…

Photo by one eleven images

And the congratulations card.

What will the bride wear???

Getting ready for the bridal shower…Picking out gifts as part of the Shower registration process…

And sooner or later you have to start the task of determining who will be invited to both the Bridal Shower and Wedding…

Followed by two beautiful Showers;

The first shower given by Renee’s Mom was held locally at the Montdale Country Club which I had previously blogged, however, if you are interetsed in reliving the event you can go here to see some of those photos.

Below are a few photo outakes not previously shown after the shower at home in Pennsylvania…

Timmy in the yard !!!

and some very special guests..

Keith’s parents, grandmother and sister..

And, there was Second Shower given by Keith’s Mom in Massachusettes. It was a surprise “Jack and Jill” Shower. The men are invited to this one, so consequently I attended my very first bridal shower. It was truly a great time. Since I did not previously blog this event, I am posting some photos here.

And then the wedding invitations. Strangley enough, there were two versions — one made the cut. the other was rejected. The invitation below was the one chosen for the event.

The invitation below was rejected for some reason…

Waiting for the mail every day and counting the responses…

It’s hard to beleive how quickly the time passed and the wedding was upon us and it was non-stop from there…

Making sure all the guest bags were ready at the hotel…

Arriving at the hotel…

Wedding information…

Our lucky table #8…

Leaving the hotel and getting back to reality…

And finally,  celebrate with Timmy…


Photography by Ron Kurilla

Renee Kurilla illustration

keith zulawnik illustration

“Pool Girls” published by Simon and Schuster — covers illustrated by Renee Kurilla

‘iMat” character design and illustration by Renee Kurilla for Creative Baby, inc.

Water Wonders – Written by Peter & Paul Reynolds, Illustrated by Peter Reynolds and Renee Kurilla

Check out the link below to Renee Kurilla’s submission to the sketchbook project



Don’t Stop Believing !!!

Don't Stop Believing !!!

“I See I Learn” by Stuart Murphy, illustrated by Renee Kurilla in bookstores

Written by Stuart Murphy

Zebrafish – Illustrated for Fablevision by renee kurilla

Candid Photos

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