Ok, so, here I sit trying to decide what to post on my very first blog, yes blog!. And they said it would never happen!!!! Don’t want to be boring and feed you a lot of useless information that you’ll never use or remember so I guess I’ll just get to the point as to why I’m here.

I like photography and am looking for a way to display my photos for enjoyment (mine and yours, I hope!). Please feel free to comment if you like. I’ve been taking pictures for a long time, since the 70’s actually. My first camera was a Polaroid type (forget the actual model) that generated a picture that developed right before your eyes!!! (remarkable technology !!!). Some of you may remember that type of camera, not like I’m dating myself or anything. But I’ve been a diehard film guy for a long time and actually struggled to make the switch to digital. Except for the early Polaroid camera, I like to shoot with Canon equipment. I’ve had several Canon film cameras over the years, AE1, Elan II and Elan 7 and never thought I would see the day that I switch to digital, but that day came in November 2006 when I bought my first Digital camera, a Canon Digital Rebel XTi, which I have used for about 3 years. I have since added an EOS 50D to my collection.

You’re probably wondering about the first picture with my digital camera. Well, here it is;

  ©2010 RKurilla

 Yes, it’s my wife, who has always been a gracious and patient model for me, and still is, although not as enthusiastic about it (haha). Interestingly enough the digital era has brought new interest in photography for me since I was away from it for quite a while.

I can’t continue to comment on this Blog thing without mentioning the ever important inspirations. Although inspiration can come from many sources, mine came from two main sources – my wife, who doesn’t get frustrated with me for spending countless hours at the computer manipulating photos or learning new techniques and

genuinely supports my photography hobby, and my daughter, an Illustrator and Animator by profession who constantly drives me to do what I like to do. Reading her ever-changing blog (at Kurillastration.com) and seeing all the changes and new ideas constantly under development has intrigued me enough to start my own blog.

 I’m counting on this blog to keep pressure on me to deliver some interesting photos and in return obtain some criticism, hopefully constructive, improving my skills as a photographer.

 Although more of a traditional photographer, I do enjoy different styles which will become apparent when you see my photos which will start appearing on the next posting.

 Anyway, this is my story and I promise I won’t talk about this stuff again. I just thought I would provide a little background into what I’m about, for what it’s worth.


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